Guide to Scuba Diving




    Beginners Guide to Scuba Diving

    Sandy beaches. Sunshine. Tropical breezes. Relaxation.

    Sounds like the perfect getaway doesn’t it? What could possibly make it better? Glad you asked. Exploring the vast underwater worlds that lie beneath the surface around the globe is second only to paradise.
    If you have never explored the possibility of turning your vacation into an underwater adventure you are in for a treat. Nothing can top the beauty that lies waiting for you.
    Maybe you have even thought about diving but shied away because of your inexperience. Well, wait no more. “The Beginners Guide to Scuba Diving” was created just for YOU!
    And, adding the diving experience to your list of favorite vacations is sure to broaden your horizons for years to come.
    We can’t guarantee that you will become another Jacques Cousteau but we will give you the information you need to know to break in to this exciting new hobby. For instance:

    - Diver Training
    - Diving Safely
    - Learning How to Breath
    - Diving Equipment
    - Diving Preparation
    - Handling Dive Emergencies
    - Physiological Concepts
    - Adapting to Diving
    - Planning Your Dive
    - Environment
    - Diving As a Career
    - Scuba Diving vs Skin Diving
    - Tips to Conserve Air
    - About Night Diving
    - Top Diving Locations