Hangovers are those unpleasant and painful symptoms which you get the next morning after a night of heavy drinking. You feel usual symptoms such as your head pounding like someone is hitting it with a hammer, the room spinning non-stop and you’re close to vomiting and/or your body hurting like you’ve been beaten repeatedly.

You feel pretty nasty enough that you “wish you were dead” or you swear that you’ll “never ever, ever drink again!” Well, yeah, it’ll pass! What you need is emergency relief!
If left untreated, hangovers can recede within 8 to 24 hours. But, if you really can’t stand it for that long and need immediate relief, then you can try out some of this app’s hangover cures:

• Get Down & Get With It
• How'd You Like Your Eggs, Fried or Boiled?
• Get Your Bouillon On
• Drink MORE Ale
• Don't Make a Pact with the Devil, just yet!

Do these cures sound bizarre to you? Well, they’re not. Many people have actually tried and tested these cures and they have found one or more remedies that really worked in alleviating their hangover symptoms. This app will help you prepare these cures (plus more) so that next time you get a hangover you have your hangover emergency kit easily at hand!

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