Haruki's Novel (Japanese)



"City of the Kuroshio," Haruki Hirosue
 Or e-book titles published a novel by Haruki continued Hirosue colorful world of your own novel. Reiko transferee before the hero appeared older. Admiration and envy, while the main character have a crush 孕Mi desires, and secrets of the city-bred Reiko is ...?

- "Well," said Reiko is feverish and in a loud whisper. "I like?" Did not answer. Close your eyes, face buried in the nape of Reiko. Also said. "It's my love?"
"I like!" I cried on reflex, sweat Reiko feeling down. "Damn, I like!"

- A delight to the eye that Yadori, Yadori desire, no piece of reason shone with greed and glistening in honor Tsukusou only the body of a man could do anything. Flushed skin, disturbed hair was blowing as if something strange is not suspicious of all cells.
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