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Social Strategy Guide for Heroes of the Storm!
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Master your favorite heroes and discuss strategies with other players

Pro features:
★ Push notifications when there are new HotS or app updates, and when you receive messages
★ Ad free experience

★ List of all known heroes, their skins, along with their abilities and traits. (Updated as more info is released)
★ List of all known battlegrounds (maps) and their objectives. (Updated as more info is released)
★ Stream Heroes of the Storm videos directly within the app!
★ Links to all the official feeds: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
★ Link to sign up for the beta test!
★ Screenshots and videos of the game
★ Social networking features: Heroes of the Storm and General Games chat rooms, private messaging, friends list and more! Discuss the game with other fans

Upcoming Features:
★ Strategy guides for every hero; learn to be the best player you can be!
★ Strategy guides for all battlegrounds; tactics to help you win the match
★ More in-depth info on heroes, battlegrounds, and any other upcoming features

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