Higher Powers of Mind & Spirit



Enjoy the HIGHER POWERS OF MIND AND SPIRIT by by Ralph Waldo Trine for FREE!

This book included 14 chapter :
I. The Silent, Subtle Building Forces of Mind and Spirit
II. Soul, Mind, Body—The Subconscious Mind That Interrelates Them
III. The Way Mind Through the Subconscious Mind Builds Body
IV. The Powerful Aid of the Mind in Rebuilding Body—How Body Helps Mind
V. Thought as a Force in Daily Living
VI. Jesus the Supreme Exponent of the Inner Forces and Powers: His People's Religion and Their Condition
VII. The Divine Rule in the Mind and Heart: The Unessentials We Drop—The Spirit Abides
VIII. If We Seek the Essence of His Revelation, and the Purpose of His Life
IX. His Purpose of Lifting Up, Energising, Beautifying, and Saving the Entire Life: The Saving of the Soul is Secondary; but Follows
X. Some Methods of Attainment
XI. Some Methods of Expression
XII. The World War—Its Meaning and Its Lessons for Us
XIII. Our Sole Agency of International Peace, and International Concord
XIV. The World's Balance-wheel

First published : May 1918.
Author : Trine, Ralph Waldo, 1866-1958
Language : English
Copyright Status : Public domain in the USA.

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