Hindu Mantras with Audio



A mantra is a group of words that is considered capable of creating transformation.
The Sanskrit word mantra- consists of the root man- "to think" (also in manas "mind") and the suffix -tra, designating tools or instruments, hence a literal translation would be "instrument of thought".

This app is a collection of 81 Vedic and other Hindu mantras - each mantra is displayed in Hindi and English and has an audio file for your listening.

Mantras in this app are classified into the following 15 categories:

Mantras for Calmness
Mantras for Financial Success
Mantras for Fulfillment of Desires
Mantras for Good Health
Mantras for Happiness
Mantras for Learning Power
Mantras for Love and Relationship
Mantras for Meditation
Mantras to Overcome Fear
Mantras for Peace of Mind
Mantras for Positive Attitude
Mantras for Stress Relief
Mantras for Wellness
Mantras for Will Power
Mantras for World Peace

** This is a stand-alone app, once installed - does not need internet connection to read or listen to mantras. **

Any discrepancy, error or concern can be notified via email to hinduapps@yahoo.com.

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