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"True Stories" proposes to gives its readers full authoritative information of the entire doctrine behind the most infamous mass cult killings, serial killers and pyscho murderers.

The following movies were loosely based on the true stories of featured individuals within this app:

* The Zodiac
* Psycho
* The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
* Silence Of The Lambs
* Deranged
* In The Light Of The Moon
* The Town That Dreaded Sundown
* The Amityville Horror
* The Portrait of a Serial Killer
* Drifter
* Requiem
* The Exorcism of Emily Rose
* Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes

Included inside (amongst others) are TRUE STORIES about:

The Zodiac Killer
The Phantom Killer
Ed Gein
Ronald DeFeo Jr.
Henry Lee Lucas
Anneliese Michel

Ted Bundy
David Berkowitz
John Wayne Gacy
Jeffrey Dahmer
Gary Ridgway
Belle Sorenson Gunness
Charles Manson
Albert Fish
Herman Webster Mudgett - Dr. Holmes
Coral Eugene Watts
Richard Angelo
Andrew Cunanan

Reverend Jim Jones & The People's Temple
David Koresh & ATF
Order of the Solar Temple
Heavens Gate
Crocodile Men From Congo
The Church Of The Lamb Of God
Aldolfo De Jsus
Constanzo & Sara Aldrete
Siberian Satanist Cult
The Chijon Family
Chevie Kehoe & Danny Lee
Kentucky Occult Teen Killers

This is Volume 1 of the Ultimate Horror Collection

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