How to Perform Salaah



This app on How to Perform Salaah is a practical guide to performing one of the principles of Islam namely Salaah. It covers the principles of Islam, five compulsory daily Prayers, Mathabs (Schools of Thought), Wudhu (Ablution), Tayamum, Ghusl’ (The washing of the whole body), Miraaj (Ascension), Athaan (call to prayer), Fajr’ (Early morning prayer), Thur’ (midday prayer), Asr’ (late afternoon prayer), Maghrib (sunset prayer), Eshai (evening prayer), Qasr (shortened salaah), Jum’ah (Friday congregational prayer), Janaaza (Prayer on deceased), Sunnat, nafl etc. It is based on the Shafi’ Mathab.

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