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Book of changes "is also called the" book of changes "or" easy ", is China's traditional thought culture natural philosophy and the root of ethical practice, is China's most ancient augury original work, the Chinese culture has had a huge impact. It is said that is by fu's and ZhouWenWang (JiChang) according to the "painting", "shu" deductive and make a summary (also produced the I ching BaGuaTu), is the Chinese five thousand years the crystallization of the wisdom and culture, known as the "group of the source of the road". In ancient times is the monarch to learn, statesman, strategist, merchants required of arts. Essentially speaking, the "book of changes" is a book about "being" book. "Being" is for the future development of the situation to carry on the forecast, and the book of changes "is the summary of these prediction theory of law books.

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