Illinois Corrections Ch. 730



ILCS. Chapter 730. Illinois Corrections
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Last update 2011-11-09

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5 Unified Code of Corrections.
105 Open Parole Hearings Act.
110 Probation and Probation Officers Act.
115 Probation Community Service Act.
120 Probation Challenge Program Act.
125 County Jail Act.
130 County Jail Good Behavior Allowance Act.
135 Illinois Prison Inspection Act.
140 Private Correctional Facility Moratorium Act.
145 Illinois Substance Abuse Treatment Program.
148 Arsonist Registration Act.
150 Sex Offender Registration Act.
152 Sex Offender Community Notification Law.
154 Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registration Act.
155 Prisoner Interchange Act.
160 Industrial Schools for Girls Act. (repealed by P.a. 90-372, Eff. 7-1-98)
165 Training Schools for Boys Act. (repealed by P.a. 90-372, Eff. 7-1-98)
166 Drug Court Treatment Act.
167 Veterans and Servicemembers Court Treatment Act.
168 Mental Health Court Treatment Act.
170 Alternative Sentencing Job Training Act.
175 Secure Residential Youth Care Facility Licensing Act.
180 Methamphetamine Manufacturer Registry Act.
185 Emergency Services Response Reimbursement for Criminal Convictions Act.
190 Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009.
195 Department of Juvenile Justice Mortality Review Team Act.

Unified Code of Corrections Index:
Chapter I. General Provisions
Chapter III. Department of Corrections
Chapter V. Sentencing
Chapter VIII. Miscellaneous

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