Illinois Elections - Ch. 10



ILCS. Chapter 10. Illinois Elections
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Last update 2011-11-09

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5 Election Code.
20 Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote Act.
25 Election Judge Compensation Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
30 Election Proposition Publication Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
35 Election Interference Prohibition Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
55 Fair Campaign Practices Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
75 Congressional Apportionment (1961) Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
76 Illinois Congressional Reapportionment Act of 2001.
77 Illinois Congressional Redistricting Act of 2011.
80 General Assembly Apportionment (1955) Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
85 Division of Legislative Districts Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
90 Legislative Districts (1973) Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
91 General Assembly Redistricting Act of 2011.
100 City Election Validation Act. (repealed by P.a. 87-1052)
105 Cook County Board of Review Districts Act.
106 Cook County Board of Review Districts Act of 2001.
107 Cook County Board of Review Redistricting Act of 2011.
120 Illinois Voting Rights Act of 2011.
125 Redistricting Transparency and Public Participation Act.

Election Code Index:
Article 1. General Provisions
Article 1A. State Board of Elections
Article 2A. Time of Holding Elections
Article 3. Qualification of Voters
Article 4. Registration of Electors in Counties Having a Population of Less than 500,000
Article 5. Registration of Electors in Counties Having a Population of 500,000 or More
Article 6. Registration of Electors in Certain Cities, Villages and Incorporated Towns
Article 6A. County Board of Election Commissioners
Article 7. The Making of Nominations by Political Parties
Article 7A. Judges' Declaration of Intent to Seek Retention in Office
Article 8. Nominations of Members of the General Assembly
Article 9. Disclosure and Regulation of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures
Article 10. Making of Nominations in Certain other Cases
Article 11. Establishment of Election Precincts
Article 12. Notice of Election
Article 12A. Voters' Guides
Article 13. Judges of Election (outside of Jurisdiction of Boards of Election Commissioners)
Article 14. Judges (in Municipalities Under Boards of Election Commissioners)
Article 15. Ballot Boxes and Poll Books
Article 16. Ballots
Article 17. Conduct of Elections and Making Returns
Article 18A. Provisional Voting
Article 19. Voting by Absent Electors
Article 19A. Early Voting by Personal Appearance
Article 22. Canvassing Votes
Article 23. Contesting Elections
Article 24. Voting Machines
Article 24A. Electronic, Mechanical or Electric Voting Systems
Article 24C. Direct Recording Electronic Voting Systems
Article 25. Resignations and Vacancies
Article 28. Submitting Public Questions
Article 29. Prohibitions and Penalties
Article 29B. Fair Campaign Practices
Article 29C. Division of Legislative Districts
Article 30. Repeal and Saving

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