Illinois Families Ch. 750



ILCS. Chapter 750. Illinois Families
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Last update 2011-11-09

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5 Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.
10 Illinois Uniform Premarital Agreement Act.
15 Non-support of Spouse and Children Act. (repealed by P.a. 91-613)
16 Non-support Punishment Act.
20 Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act. (repealed by P.a. 90-240)
22 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.
24 Unified Child Support Services Act.
25 Expedited Child Support Act of 1990.
27 Child Support Payment Act.
28 Income Withholding for Support Act.
30 Emancipation of Minors Act.
35 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. (repealed by P.a. 93-108)
36 Uniform Child-custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.
40 Illinois Parentage Act.
45 Illinois Parentage Act of 1984.
47 Gestational Surrogacy Act.
50 Adoption Act.
55 Contest of Adoptions Act.
60 Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986.
61 Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence Act.
65 Rights of Married Persons Act.
70 Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995.
75 Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act.

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