Illinois Insurance Ch. 215



ILCS. Chapter 215. Insurance
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Last update 2011-11-09

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5 Illinois Insurance Code.
93 Small Employer Health Insurance Rating Act.
95 Small Employer Rating, Renewability and Portability Health Insurance Act. (repealed by P.a. 90-30)
97 Illinois Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
100 Reinsurance Intermediary Act.
105 Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Act.
106 Childrens Health Insurance Program Act.
107 Producer Controlled Insurer Act.
109 Dental Care Patient Protection Act.
110 Dental Service Plan Act.
113 Employee Leasing Company Act.
115 Employees Dental Freedom of Choice Act.
120 Farm Mutual Insurance Company Act of 1986.
122 Illinois Health Benefits Exchange Law.
123 Health Care Purchasing Group Act.
125 Health Maintenance Organization Act.
130 Limited Health Service Organization Act.
132 Illinois Long-term Care Partnership Program Act.
134 Managed Care Reform and Patient Rights Act.
135 Pharmaceutical Service Plan Act. (repealed by P.a. 90-372, Eff. 7-1-98)
138 Uniform Prescription Drug Information Card Act.
139 Uniform Health Care Service Benefits Information Card Act.
140 Product Liability Insurance Act. (repealed by P.a. 88-627)
145 Property Fire Loss Act.
150 Religious and Charitable Risk Pooling Trust Act.
152 Service Contract Act.
153 Structured Settlement Protection Act.
155 Title Insurance Act.
157 Use of Credit Information in Personal Insurance Act.
158 Viatical Settlements Act. (repealed by P.a. 96-736)
159 Viatical Settlements Act of 2009.
160 Vision Service Plan Act. (repealed by P.a. 90-177)
165 Voluntary Health Services Plans Act.
170 Covering All Kids Health Insurance Act.
175 Organ Transplant Medication Notification Act.
180 Health Carrier External Review Act.

Illinois Insurance Code Index:
Article I. Short Title, Definitions and Classifications
Article II. Domestic Stock Companies
Article IIA. Risk-based Capital
Article III. Domestic Mutual Companies
Article III 1/2. Alien Companies
Article IV. Reciprocals
Article V. Lloyds
Article V 1/2. Insurance Exchange
Article V 3/4. Group Workers' Compensation; Pools; Pooling; Insolvency Fund
Article VI. Foreign or Alien Companies
Article VII. Unauthorized Companies
Article VIIA. Advisory Organizations
Article VIIB. Risk Retention Companies
Article VIIC. Domestic Captive Insurance Companies
Article VIID. Nonprofit Risk Organizations
Article VIII. Investments of Domestic Companies
Article VIII 1/2. Insurance Holding Company Systems
Article IX. Provisions Applicable to All Companies
Article IX 1/2. Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health Insurance
Article X. Merger, Consolidation or Plans of Exchange
Article XI. Reinsurance
Article XI 1/2. Protected Cell Companies
Article XIE. Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicle Law
Article XII. Domestication of Foreign and Alien Companies
Article XII 1/2. Corrective Orders
Article XIII. Rehabilitation, Liquidation, Conservation and Dissolution of Companies
Article XIII 1/2. Uniform Provisions for Liquidation

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