Illinois Vehicles Ch. 625



ILCS. Chapter 625. Vehicles
Illinois Compiled Statutes
Last update 2011-08-10

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5 Illinois Vehicle Code.
7 Automated Traffic Control Systems in Highway Construction or Maintenance Zones Act.
10 Motor Vehicle Theft Reporting Act.
15 China Affairs Council Act.
20 Chauffeur Protection Act.
25 Child Passenger Protection Act.
27 Renters Financial Responsibility and Protection Act.
30 Ridesharing Arrangements Act.
32 Employee Commute Options Act. (repealed by P.a. 89-493)
33 Voluntary Employee Commute Options Emission Reduction Credit Act.
35 Cycle Rider Safety Training Act.
40 Snowmobile Registration and Safety Act.
45 Boat Registration and Safety Act.
50 Public Conveyance Notice Act.
55 Taxi Safety Act of 2007.
60 Pedestrians With Disabilities Safety Act.

llinois Vehicle Code
Chapter 1. Title and Definitions
Chapter 2. The Secretary of State
Chapter 3. Certificates of Title and Registration of Vehicles
Chapter 4. Anti-theft Laws and Abandoned Vehicles
Chapter 5. Dealers, Transporters, Wreckers and Rebuilders
Chapter 6. The Illinois Driver Licensing Law
Chapter 7. Illinois Safety and Family Financial Responsibility Law
Chapter 8. Motor Vehicles Used for Transportation of Passengers
Chapter 9. Owners of for Rent Vehicles For-hire
Chapter 10. Civil Liability
Chapter 11. Rules of the Road
Chapter 12. Equipment of Vehicles
Chapter 13. Inspection of Vehicles
Chapter 13A. Emission Inspection (repealed by P.a. 92-682, Eff. 1-1-03.)
Chapter 13B. Emission Inspection (repealed)
Chapter 13C. Emission Inspection
Chapter 15. Size, Weight, Load and Permits
Chapter 16. Enforcement, Penalties and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures, and Criminal Cases
Chapter 17. Illinois Highway Safety Law
Chapter 18a. Illinois Commercial Relocation of Trespassing Vehicles Law
Chapter 18b. Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
Chapter 18c. Illinois Commercial Transportation Law
Chapter 18d. Illinois Commercial Safety Towing Law
Chapter 20. Miscellaneous Provisions, Effect of Act and Repeal of Named Acts

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