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    "Hal Bodner has a limitless imagination and a terrific writing style that really grabs the reader. If you are fond of intense, highly emotional and erotic stories then you will enjoy In Flesh and Stone." --Joyfully Reviewed

    World renowned painter Alex Restin seems to have everything a man could want: wealth, youth, a beautiful face and an amazing body. But his lover, Tony, is dying of a mysterious illness and the doctors are baffled. And Alex cannot seem to free himself from the feelings that haunt him.

    In desperation, he turns to the zodiac men -- twelve statues of spectacular naked men decorating Alex's home in a converted old library building.
    Grief turns to obsession. Every moment of Alex's life becomes filled with fantasies of the statues - dark fantasies, sexual fantasies. But some fantasies have a way of becoming reality...

    What is happening to Alex Restin? He desperately seeks to be with his lover once again, but the zodiac men are working their magic. Are they his saviors, guiding him toward a reunion with Tony? Or is their purpose more sinister?

    Is there any way out? Or will the virile, stunning young artist find himself forever trapped...
    Between flesh and stone...

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