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LIMITED TIME PROMOTION PRICE! A must own for every Infantryman, ranger, or airborne soldier! 4 handy Army references specially formatted for easy reading on a phone-sized device. Put an end to app-induced high blood pressure. Our apps provide a superior user experience. Easily navigate through the specially formatted references. Some of the material was augmented by to present as a study guide complete with test questions.

This app contains:

1.INFANTRY PLATOON & SQUAD - FM 3-21.8 (formerly FM 7-8). It is a key reference for all US Army Infantry soldiers. Topics Covered Include:

1. Fundamentals of Tactics
2. Employing Fires
3. Tactical Movement
4. Protection
5. Command, Control, and Troop Leading Procedures
6. Sustainment
7. Offensive Operations
8. Defensive Operations
9. Patrols and Patrolling
And more…

2. US ARMY RANGER HANDBOOK (SH 21-76). Covers the critical US Army Ranger skills taught in the Army Ranger Course. Use it as a quick reference or as the perfect study companion that can fit in your pocket! The material in this app is sourced from Army SH 21-76 (Ranger Handbook) published by the Ranger Training Brigade, US Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia. Learn ranger skills such as:

1. Leadership
2. Operations
3. Fire Support
4. Movement
5. Patrols
6. Battle Drills
7. Communications
8. Army Aviation
9. Waterborne Operations
10. Military Mountaineering
11. Evasion/Survival
12. First Aid
13. Demolitions
14. Ranger Urban Operations
15. Vehicle Convoy Operations

3. AIR ASSAULT SCHOOL STUDY GUIDE. A Good Study Companion for Air Assault School! Over 300 questions! Use it as a study guide or as a handy air assault reference. The Air Assault School Handbook app is sourced from the FT. Benning Warrior Training Center's Air Assault School Handbook. manually reformatted the handbook for better display on a mobile device and created over 300 questions.

Topics covered include:

1. Rotary Wing Aircraft of the US Army
2. Air Craft Safety
3. Aeromedical Evacuation Procedures
4. Pathfinder Operations
5. Hand and Arms Signals
6. Combat Assault
7. Air Mission Brief
8. Cold Load Training
9. Close Combat Attack
10. Helicopter External Load Operations
11. Rappelling
And more...

4. STATIC LINE PARACHUTING (FM 3-21.220). A core reference for airborne soldiers is now just a tap away!

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