Islam Basics



This Android application is specially designed for people who cannot read Holy Quran in Arabic text . This Mobile phone application text is authentic is referred from Holy Quran, This application is in Roman English and its easy to read.

This application has last surah’s of holy quran and English translation, Listen to Quran as this app has Quran audio feature, it doesn’t require internet connection as this app works offline. Every Muslim should read and listen or Quran karim every day and memorize it for sawab .

This application is a package of

What is islam all about
Pillars of Islam
Teachings of Islam
Women’s right in Islam
Sura yaseen with transliteration and Attributes
ayatal kursi with transliteration and Attributes
How to pray eid salah or Funeral salah
Short Duas from koran karim

many more
Quran mp3

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