Japji Sahib in 3 Languages



Japji Sahib with text in English, Gurmukhi and Hindi.

This app has been created as our respect towards the Sikh faith.

'Japji' is a universal song of God composed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh faith.

Japji Sahib consists of the Mool Mantra as the beginning followed by 38 hymns and a final Salok at the end of this composition.

The app displays the text for Japji Sahib in English, Gurmukhi and Hindi - It has been created specially for the people who can not read Gurmukhi text but can read English or Hindi.

The 1st screen allows you to select the language where you can select English, Gurmukhi or Hindi.  
The Mool Mantra, 38 hymns and the final Salok as individual icons on the main page.

Once an icon is clicked - you can read the corresponding text and if you would like to listen to the audio, you can click on the 'Play' button.

Each page after the index page has 'Next', 'Prev' and 'Index' buttons. After you are done with one page, just click the 'Next' button to go to the next page or 'Prev' button to go to the previous page. You can return to the index page from any page by clicking on the 'Index' button. Also provided are the 'Play' and 'Pause' buttons for the audio.

** You must be able to read English, Gurmukhi or English in order to read japji sahib from this app **
** Please note that the Gurmukhi only version of this app is available for free. **

This is a stand-alone app, once installed - does not need internet connection to read the collection.

Any discrepancy, error or concern can be notified via email to hinduapps@yahoo.com.

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