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An interview is not about a person meeting anther person or a group of people trying to judge him with questions. It's about presenting yourself in a away that you get sold. In marketing terms, your packaging should be such that the employers get bound to choose you. Imagine this - when you go to a shop, the item with bright colors and attractive packaging tends to attract more of your attention, isn't it? The same law applied here too. People, or in this case interviewer also get attracted if you have a good packaging along with good qualification and experience.

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Importance Of Knowing The Tips And Tricks for Interviews

Types of Interviews

Exit Interview

Lunch Interview

Panel Interview

Phone Interview

Skill Building to Crack Interviews

Tools and Miscellaneous You Need To Have

The Right 'Resume' - Significance and Importance

Preparing Properly for an Interview

What Role Does Appearance Play?

Tips To Gear Up - Pre-Interview

Things To Remember For The Interview

The Do's and Don'ts Of Interview

Modern Tips By Interview Experts

How To Close An Interview From Your Side


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