John Stuart Mill Collection

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    This book contain collection of 6 books

    1. Autobiography
    2. The Principles of Political Economy with some of their applications to social philosophy [1848]
    3. On Liberty
    4. Representative Government
    5. The Subjection of Women [1869]
    6. Utilitarianism

    About the Author
    John Stuart Mill, 1806–1873

    Philosopher, son of James Mill, born in London, was educated by his father with the view of making him the successor of Bentham and himself, as the exponent of the Utilitarian philosophy. In all respects he proved an apt pupil, and by his 15th year had studied classical literature, logic, political economy, and mathematics. In that year he went to France, where he was under the charge of Sir S. Bentham, a brother of Jeremy. His studies had led him to the adoption of the utilitarian philosophy, and after his return he became acquainted with Grote, the Austins, and other Benthamites.

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