Jujitsu Arts



Have You Ever Thought About Learning The Art Of Self-Defense?
Jujitsu has been around for many years and is considered to be one of the most ancient martial arts forms of self-defense. Jujitsu is done in different ways.

In this guide, Jujitsu Arts - Learn How to Protect Yourself , you will discover:

★ Four methods of combat that are used in jujitsu

★ What kind of actions go along with the methods

★ Kata competitions

★ Five main sectors of the arts of jujitsu training and what they stand for

★ Four techniques used in jujitsu

★ Why strangulation is used in jujitsu

★ What are sweeps and escapes

★ Twelve principles of striking and what they stand for

★ The meaning of a throw

★ Five types of throws

★ How the biting, gouging, poking and grasping techniques are used in jujitsu

★ The meaning of atemi

★ What a takedown is

★ What the rolling technique is

★ What the arm bar technique is

★ What the wrist lock technique is

★ Difference of grappling styles

★ and much, Much More!

Jujitsu is also used as a mental and physical tool to help you gain self-confidence. It is not just for attacking your opponent and defending yourself.

You will be able to gain discipline and strength just by implementing these techniques and methods.

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