Landons Grill



Since opening its first location in June 2012, Landon's Grill.™ has transformed the way Houstons view fast food, introducing them to tastier and healthier meals than those offered by the big chains.
At Landon's Grill.™ we prepare all our food with great care, meaning: We char-grill our burgers to order, freshly cut our fries, compose our salads on the spot, and offer our own signature chilis, dipping sauces and salad dressings. No wonder Houston voted us "Best Burger" in AOL CityGuide's "City's Best" 2012.

We know that high-quality food demands high-quality ingredients, so we use all-natural Angus beef for our burgers and chilis, all-natural chicken breast and ground turkey in our sandwiches. Our fresh cut fries and award-winning onion rings are cooked in cholesterol-free, expeller pressed soybean oil. What's more, our ingredients have no added preservatives-part of why our food tastes so good.
Our counter service allows us to prepare our high-quality food quickly. But because you're enjoying fast food, doesn't mean you want a typical fast-food atmosphere. We have created interiors that are spacious and attractive, with an aesthetic inspired by famous mid-century modern designs.

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