Learn Chess for beginners



This chess app is for complete chess beginners who want to learn the game of the kings and the king of the games!

Chess is one of the oldest known games that is still played today. With it's more than 1400 years history it is deeply ingrained in our cultural history and still fascinates more than 1 billion people around the globe who can play the game.

With this easy-to-use app you will learn ALL the rules of chess with a number of tutorials showing how the pieces move, special moves such as castling and "en passant" (if you never heard that word before, then maybe this app is for you!), pawn promotion etc etc.

There are also some tutorials on basic chess strategy to get you started to play against your first human opponents.

Surprise the people you know and learn this game at your own pace. Each tutorial can be learned in a few minutes and it's perfect for learning while waiting for the bus or riding
on the subway!

Note: The internet permission is used for automatic error reporting to help improve the app. You do NOT have to be connected to the Internet to use this app.

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