Learn To Build iOS Apps Easily

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    Learn To Build iOS Apps Easily

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    Be the one to say, "I wrote that", with the Learning To Build Apps For iPhone - iPad Tutorial from Infinite Skills.

    - Over 12.5 hours of video content
    - 105 individual lessons
    - Professionally edited and produced
    - Lessons presented by expert trainer Tony Bove
    - FREE working files to ensure successful learning

    Ever wanted to respond to the comment, "There's an app for that", with the answer, "I know, I wrote it"? In this training video, you will be able to say just that and more. Published tech-writer Tony Bove guides through the use of iOS SDK and Xcode to build market-ready apps. You will go from barely familiar with sample applications to a full-fledged App Store contributor in under 13 hours. The tutorial walks you through what makes for a good app, recognizing the abilities and limitations of iPads and iPhones, utilizing iAds, designing the interface, and building platform-specific apps.

    The video tutorial itself is divided into 3-5 minute increments, allowing you to start and stop at your leisure. These lessons are designed around your comfort. Simply purchase the Learning To Build Apps For iPhone - iPad Tutorial and see where your mastery takes you.


    * Includes working files you can download to your computer and use as you watch the training on your device - freeing up your monitor space for the software.
    * 105 individual tutorial videos broken into comprehensive chapters and movies – 12.5 hours in total.
    * Go from video to video in order, or skip around; you're in complete control.
    * Streaming video - allows you to keep your device's storage space free for your own media and data.

    This tutorial is taught by published author/producer/composer Tony Bove, who has over 30 years of experience. He has worked as a technical writer, marketing writer, and consultant for Adobe, BEA, FileMaker, Leapfactor, McAfee, Oracle, SumTotal, and Sun. There are also several "For Dummies" books to his credit, particularly for iPhone, iPad, and iTunes use.

    Infinite Skills training videos aren't your grainy, bland YouTube variety. Be assured that you are purchasing a quality product that is produced and edited using expert guides. These lessons contain the personal and professional touch you deserve.

    Some of the topics covered in this course are:

    Chapter 1 - Introduction: What is Covered
    Chapter 2 - Making Great iPhone Apps
    Chapter 3 - Making Great iPad Apps
    Chapter 4 - Designing The User Experience
    Chapter 5 - Getting The Developer Tools
    Chapter 6 - Getting To Know Xcode
    Chapter 7 - Getting To Know The iOS Simulator
    Chapter 8 - Understanding How An App Runs
    Chapter 9 - Programming The App
    Chapter 10 - Understanding iPhone Interface Controls
    Chapter 11 - Controlling The iPhone Main View
    Chapter 12 - Including An iAd Banner
    Chapter 13 - Animating The iPhone Main View
    Chapter 14 - Setting Up iPhone App User Preferences
    Chapter 15 - Developing The Flipside Controls For The iPhone App
    Chapter 16 - Adding Interface Objects And Gestures To The iPhone App
    Chapter 17 - Adding A Second View To The iPhone App
    Chapter 18 - Implementing The Photo View On The iPhone App
    Chapter 19 - Building An iPad App User Interface
    Chapter 20 - Adding Behavior To The iPad View
    Chapter 21 - Animating The iPad View
    Chapter 22 - Preparing iPad User Preferences
    Chapter 23 - Building A Modal View In The iPad App
    Chapter 24 - Connecting Interface Objects In The iPad App
    Chapter 25 - Adding Gestures And Making A Universal App
    Chapter 26 - Debugging And Finishing Your App
    Chapter 27 - Conclusion

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