Lessons in cultural studies

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    Rate for high schools of Cultural and high schools. Well-read by a special technique developed to improve the digestibility of the material and increase the comfort of learning. The course is based on the program for higher educational institutions of Russia. Course contents: 1. Culture and Cultural Studies 2. The genesis of culture 3. Culture and Science 4. Culture and Religion 5. Culture and Civilization 6. Ethnic culture 7. The emergence of culturological thought 8. Modern concepts of culture 9. Ideas of the Russian culturological thought 10. Typology and classification of Culture 11. European Cultural Theory 12. Russian tradition of cultural analysis 13. Ancient Culture 14. Medieval Culture 15. Culture of the Renaissance 16. Culture Reformation 17. Culture of Enlightenment 18. World Culture Ages 19-20 19. The history of Russian civilization and culture 20. The flowering of spiritual, orthodox culture 21. Christianity - the core of European culture 22. Russian Civilization and Culture 23. Economic culture 24. Legal Culture 25. The moral and aesthetic culture 26. Culture of a person 27. Philosophy and art U.S. This audiobook in Russian.

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