Lucid Dreaming Techniques



When attempting some of the techniques in this book, you
may have some frightening experiences, such as falling or
shaking sensations. Although the authors attest these are not
dangerous, you should avoid techniques that create these
sensations if you would prefer not to experience them.

Some of the drugs may have side-effects. It is recommended
you research drugs further online and/or with your doctor or
general practitioner before using them.

Additionally, the placebo effect has a major effect on
dreaming. If you believe that dream characters act dull and
lifelessly, they are far more likely to do so. If you believe they
can be creative, original, and surprising, they are far more
likely to be. Much of the content of your dreams is affected by
the placebo effect. Remember that the easier you think it is to
dream lucidly, the easier it will be.

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