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Magic is a tool we can use to help ourselves and others, and as an inspiration for our purposes. Magic gets things happen. It gives us confidence and helps us to get focused on our cherished objectives. It is not a religion, nor it is incompatible with religions; it only uses natural laws and our still unknown ability to meet the goals we set ourselves.

This application includes more than 20 magical solutions to help us getting money, finding a job or making our business successful.

Your lucky numbers
Ritual for a New Business
Ritual for a Business to go well
Amulet to succeed in Business
Ritual to find a Job
Amulet to find a Job
Magic Bag for Work and Money
Spell to win the Lottery
Ritual to get Money
Incense to attract Money
Potion to attract Money
Amulet to attract Money
Magic Bottle to attract Money
Spell to find a Treasure
Ritual to get back borrowed Money
Ritual to find Lost Objects
Ritual for Prosperity
Incense for the Prosperity of your Home
Ritual to avoid Traffic Accidents
Spells to have Good Luck
Salt Ritual fo Good Luck

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