Management is one of the most popular destinations in our time. Hundreds of students each year challenging the right to learn the profession in various universities. Among the huge amount of management literature, lists of which are replenished every year, it is difficult to choose the necessary information. Audiokurs-read by a special technique developed to improve the digestibility of the material and increase the comfort of learning. Audiobook based on a program for higher education institutions of Russia.

Course content:

1. Definition of management. Management functions
2. The evolution of management.
3. Management development in the second half of the twentieth century.
4. Management practices. Laws and principles of management
5. The definition of organization
6. Types of structures and forms of organization
7. The goals and mission of the organization.
8. Types of organizations in the interaction with the environment
9. Types of organizations on the interaction of subunits
10. Types of organizations to interact with human
11. Edhokraticheskaya, entrepreneurial organization, and participatory
12. Human adaptation to the organizational environment. Role conflict
13. The essence of management activities.
14. Human interaction and organization.
15. Types of management decisions. Decision-making process
16. Types of management strategies. Develop a strategy
17. Selection. Assessment of staff and reception of their work.
18. Authoritarian, democratic, liberal and multi-dimensional leadership styles
19. Administrative cooperation in the organization
20. Management effects on subordinate managers
21. Managing conflict, change and stress
22. General Characteristics of motivation. Theories of motivation
23. A Theory of Justice John Adams. Theory of amplification W. Skinner. Attribution theory G. Kelly
24. Goal setting theory of Locke, E.
25. Leadership team. Coordinating the work of the organization.
26. Forecasting and planning in the manager's
27. Power and personal influence
28. Delegation of authority. Responsibility and authority
29. The horizontal and vertical division of labor in the organization
30. Major Trends in the development of companies in the future

This audiobook is in Russian.

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