Mao Tse-tung Guerilla Warfare



FMFRP 12-18 Mao Tse-tung on Guerilla Warfare. This reference publication contains Mao Tse-tungs thoughts and philosophies on guerilla war, which have influenced countless fighters throughout the world. This application makes this information available to you on the go. A must read for students of modern war. Excellent reading for those interested in Navy SEALS, US Army Rangers, Special Forces, sniping, survival, and military training. ALL SEE WARRIOR CODE'S APPS ON IPHONE/IPAD!!!!

Chapters include:

The nature of Revolutionary Guerilla War
Profile of a Revolutionist
Strategy, Tactics, and Logistics in Revolutionary War
What is Guerilla Warfare?
The Relation of Guerilla Hostilities to Regular Operations
Guerilla Warfare in History
Can victory be attained by Guerilla Operations?
Organization for Guerilla Warfare
The Political Problems of Guerilla Warfare
The Strategy of Guerilla Resistance against Japan

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