Marine Corps Common Skills



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All of the US Marine Corps Common Skills in the Palm of Your Hand! A must have app for any Marine or soon to be Marine.

The USMC Common Skills app contains BOTH of the Marine Corps Common Skills Handbooks (1A and 1B). These skills are common to all Marines. Gain quick and easy access to the following subject area:

1. Military Justice and the Law of War
2. Marine Corps Organization, History, Customs, and Courtesies
3. Close Order Drill
4. Marine Corps Uniforms, Clothing, and Equipment
5. Marine Corps General Leadership
6. Substance Abuse
7. Troop Information
8. Marine Corps Leadership
9. Force Protection and Interior Guard
10. Code of Conduct
11. Individual Weapons
12. Crew-Served Weapons
13. Scouting and Patrolling
14. Tactical Measures, Offensive
15. Tactical Measures, Defensive
16. Munitions
17. Combat Conditioning and Continuing Actions
18. Land Navigation
19. Communications
20. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense
21. First Aid
22. Physical Fitness
23. Martial Arts
24. Combat Water Survival

All tasks are presented one major step per slide. This also assists you in studying the tasks.

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