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    Marjoram is a cold sensitive herb which is cultivated for its aromatic leaves which serve the culinary purposes. The top leafy portion of the plant is cut off to be used to prepare various dishes. It can be used to prepare various meats, fish, sauces, salads, etc. Tea prepared from the marjoram leaves can be used as a herbal medicine to treat various digestion problems, runny nose, irritating coughs, liver disease, gall bladder stones, intestinal gas and poor appetite. The herbal teas which are prepared from the marjoram leaves are very good for health.

    This app contains some information about marjoram and its uses. The main ingredients of this app are:

    * # An introduction to Marjoram

    * # Some flavours of Marjoram

    * # Blending properties of Marjoram

    * # Aromatherapy effects of Marjoram

    * # Marjoram's utility in daily life

    This app is useful for those people who are looking for the herbal qualities of Marjoram. This app mentions some valuable information about the Marjoram herb and the herbal remedies that it provides. People who are looking for a manual on Marjoram would find this app very helpful.

    So what are you waiting for??

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