If you are planning to get married then we recommend that you download this free app for some great quotes about love and marriage. It is is great for anyone who needs to write a wedding speech such as a best mans or grooms speech.

Your Wedding day is the most important day of your life so make sure you enjoy it and have fun. Using jokes and quotes in the wedding speeches is a great way to add fun to the wedding reception. As your marriage is all about the joining of two people in love you should also include some quotes about the meaning of love and these have been included in this marriage app.

Most people know that love is the most important part of a happy marriage. This is because feelings usually rise and fall, come and go. There may be times that you are upset or you have hurt the person you love. Instances like this may happen, but it does not mean you have to give up easily. Actually, this is the best time that love calls for your attention.

Because you love your husband or wife, chances are you will learn to forgive, mend, encourage, cherish and improve your marriage into the better. It is not that everything will always be easy and simple. There will be times that those good feeling is just around the corner and sometimes they are left unrecognized. However, your continuous commitment to love as you have promised will make sure that the feeling will come up always.

But sometime love is misunderstood. Most people think that love is merely an emotion. That it is something that you feel. Yes love gives you an emotion but you can not feel it. Love is how you decide to act and treat someone on a particular way. It is more on the actions you intend to show than you feel. Love is the promise and the vow you and your partner had made on your wedding. It is a pledge, a security.

This is the reason why you promised to love and cherish each for all eternity during your marriage ceremony . You both did not promise to feel a certain way. Instead, the promise and the vow was made and sealed for better or for worst.

Long-lasting marriages are usually characterized by open, encouraging, and positive communication between the man and woman. Learning how to properly identify issues that must be resolved is also a communication skill that no married person can afford not to have.

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