Mini Rosary



Take advantage of all that time you are stuck in traffic and get some praying done!

The Rosary is a beautiful devotional used by the Catholic Church to honor the Holy Mother Mary. Sometimes there just isn't time to pray a full five decades of the Rosary.

Now there is a one decade version available for all those times when we only have two minutes for a quick prayer or need a moment of quiet meditation.

This mini rosary follows the traditional ten bead one decade rosary commonly called a car rosary.

The app is an audio file that will play automatically so you don't have to watch the phone and can use it on hands-free devices. The app saves directly to the phone so no need for an internet connection.

Prayer anywhere, anytime.

Only Pocket Mini version out there!

Feel free offer any suggestions on any new prayers or sequence you would like to see added at

As always Catholic Apps for Catholics by a Catholic.

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