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For those that don’t know you Brian, could you tell us a bit about your background please?

Yes, I started on the internet about 3 years ago … I started selling a reprint rights CD. I started making a couple of hundred bucks a month my first two months, then went up to about four or five hundred then the next year it went up to a little over a thousand a month when I learned a little bit more about marketing.

For the first full two years I’ve been online I did nothing but market a CD. One CD, then I made another CD and it sold a little more … like two or three thousand a month. And that’s how I started, I started direct selling on the internet … I never was in the MLM business. I started direct marketing so I guess I kind of started the hard way.

And I did it because I didn’t have any money at all and I had to do something so I was doing anything I could just to make a grand a month and it was working for a while and then all these affiliate programs started coming out and then I started reading more books on multiple income streams and how to start your own cash machine and all this other stuff and I just started learning a lot more.

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