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    Free Daily motivational and inspirational quotes for your Android phone. Over 500 inspirational quotes to motivate you throughout the day.

    We strive to make the best motivational app for your Android device. Here are some of the awesome features of this inspirational app:

    - Simple to use app containing over 500 handpicked quotes to inspire you.
    - High-quality, beautiful backgrounds; you can let the app randomly display a different background for each quote or set the background yourself.
    - Ability to favorite quotes so you can easily view or share them later.
    - Copy to clipboard so you can share it anyway you want to.
    - Share via Facebook, Twitter, text message, email, and more!
    - Store app on your phone's SD storage to save space (Please note the widget will not work in this case - Android does not allow widgets to work from a SD card).
    - Quote widget to display hourly or daily inspirational quotes.
    - Continued improvement of this app, please send us feedback or suggestions.

    Permissions requested by this app (and why):
    - Internet (Access the internet; required to load ads.)
    - Access Network State (Also required for ads, used to prevent attempts to load ads over the internet if not connected.)
    - Vibrate (Phone will vibrate when you favorite or unfavorite a quote.)

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