MSDS Pocket Binder



Lowest price ever, for limited time. We are working on an updated version with a seamless data install. The price will change once the new version is out so get it now.

235,00+ of the most popular Material Safety Data Sheets in your pocket.

The information you need, when you need it wherever. 100% Offline Data.

No signing up, no newsletters and no spam: just one cost and you can walk around with thousands of binders in your pocket or on your tablet.

We remind you that you can return your purchase if you are not happy with the product. The msds sheets available offline are the same as you can access using the online mode. So before you Download the data run a few searches to see if the product suits your needs. The database contains 235,000 + of the most widely used products.

Search by Company, Product, MSDS, NIIN or FSC. Searching locally to not use your bandwidth once you installed the
MSDS Pocket Binder.

Save your favorite sheets in an easy to access view. Delete and View your favorites from the Options menu on the search screen. Add a favorite from the options menu while viewing a sheet.

Share MSDS sheets from your device. While viewing a sheet touch options and then Share and email a copy of the easy
to view HTML formatted MSDS sheets.

The MSDS Pocket Binders unique feature is the ability to download all of our 235,000+ data sheets to your local
device. Over 600mb of datasheets. No fancy graphics, just the information you need allow us to be able to put all
of our data on your phone. Think about how many binders that would take up. You can still use the MSDS Pocket
Binder without downloading the sheets to your device but you will network connectivity to view the sheet the
first time.

So no matter where you are - In the sky, at the office, on the site or in the factory have instant access to the
information you need when you need it and where you need it. Safety isn't something to be taken lightly and we
think you will agree after you purchase and use the MSDS Pocket Binder that this is the only app you need for your
MSDS queries.

Remember to let your colleague and coworkers know about the MSDS Pocket Binder. Your purchase helps support our
continued growth of information and additional features.

** In order to take advantage of the offline data sheets you must have 650MB of available external space.
** You may use this application without downloading the data sheets however you will need to have an internet
connection to download the MSDS file the first time.
** Each sheet you view is saved locally and can be
accessed without a network connection if you choose to not download the entire library of popular Material Safety Data Sheets.
** The full download of 235,800+ Sheets to your device will take many hours and it is recommended that this be down plugged in. Once started the download will continue even if your connectivity changes from WIFI to carrier connection.

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