National Guard Platoon Leader



This is for any Platoon Leader or officer that operates at the company level. It has a National Guard twist but almost all information is useable by Active or Reserve officers.

This is not a copy-paste of regulations, it is solid doctrine combined with advice on how to get the job done. All content is unclassified for unlimited distribution.

Topics include:
Key Players in the Company
-8 Step Training Model
-METL Task Crosswalk
-Individual and Collective Training
-Quarterly Training Briefs
-30-60-90-120 Training Calendars
-Annual Training
-State Active Duty
-Range Operations
-Convoy Operations
-Tactical Operations Centers
-Assigned Equipment
-Requesting Supplies
-Physical security
-Annual Services

Polemics Applications works for the smart Soldier. Please send us feedback as we are always looking to add content.

Tags: commo platoon leader , metl crosswalk maintance