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    Near Death

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    Played out through the lives of countless human beings, two shape shifting entities, one of darkness and one of light, wage an endless contest of good and evil that will ultimately decide the fate of the human race in an unnatural plague. Their battleground is the unknown territory of the individual soul, and their weapons are the corporeal vessels of our bodies.

    We are most vulnerable when trauma has stripped us of our consciousness and left us hovering near death. In that ephemeral space between life and death dwell both light and shadow, while chance and the mysterious laws of the universe determine individual fates.

    More than five hundred years ago, the un-namable specter of darkness nearly escaped its prison, the Earth, when the Black Death circumnavigated the globe, laying waste to human populations on all inhabited continents of the planet. Despite unbelievable carnage, the attempt failed.

    Today, evil will attempt another desperate breakout. The coming plague will be infinitely more deadly and the body count nearly complete. A single light will decide the contest, and it shines in the shadow-bound realms of the Near Death experience.

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