New Testament Greek Vocabulary



Version 2.0 Notes:

IMPORTANT - This is a complete rewrite of the app so learning progress will be lost. You may want to install this release separately if that is important.

New Features - Several new learning modes including Quiz mode, Game mode and Flashcards. There are also settings to only do small amounts of random words in Quiz and Game modes. Progress can be tracked in the progress screen which shows charts of your learning progress. Learning can now be reset as well.

This is the premier software for learning the vocabulary for New Testament Greek (Koine). The app features nearly 800 words which comprises 89% of the written text. (The remaining 11% is comprised primarily of names which are easy to read once you learn the vocabulary).

The app is divided into 8 Lessons which are sorted by word frequency. Lesson I covers the most basic words and Lesson VIII the most difficult. Each Lesson saves it's own progress so when you exit and come back, you start learning right where you left off.

The learning engine we have designed keeps track of what you know and what you do not know. It feeds words back to you in intervals to optimize learning. If you miss a word, it will appear more frequently. Once you have answered it correctly a few times, it is marked as learned.

NOTE: The app assumes the ability to read the Greek alphabet, at least on a basic level. The app does not currently cover any grammar, as it is designed explicitly for building vocabulary, but a separate app covering grammar is in the works.

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