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    Gurbani is the term used by Sikhs to refer to any compositions of the Sikh Gurus and other saints. Now keep the digital version of banis (Gutka Sahib) with you every time.This application consists of 12 Banis and daily hukamnama in hindi, punjabi and english language. These banis are:

    1. Japji Sahib
    2. Jaap Sahib
    3. Rehras Sahib
    4. Kirtan Sohila
    5. Ardas
    6. Aasa Di Var
    7. Anand Sahib
    8. Chaupai Sahib
    9. Chandi Di Var
    10. Shabad Hazare
    11. Tre Prasad
    12. Sukhmani Sahib
    13. Daily Hukamnama


    * 12 banis available
    * Banis available in 2 different languages - Punjabi and Hindi
    * Font Size and type
    * Text Colors
    * Bookmarks
    * Nice Page Curl effect


    1) Added Banis in Hinidi as well
    2) 2 new banis added:
    1.Tre Prasad
    2.Sukhmani Sahib
    3) Now you can also ready daily hukamnama.
    4) A nice page curly effect to feel you like actually reading a Gutka Sahib.
    5) Now user can add bookmark to resume the reading at later point of time.

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