OSI Layers (Computer Networks)



OSI reference model is the best teaching tool to understand and analyze the basic computer networks and troubleshooting.

App provides the following features:

1. Information about Why, What and How OSI reference model works.
2. TCP/UDP port numbers.
3. Main responsibilities of each layer in a simple way.
4. Information about IEEE 802.X standards.
5. Information about networking devices and their working layer.
6. Information about OSI standard protocols.

In addition, OSI reference model, protocols, devices, TCP/UDP port numbers and standard OSI protocols description included.

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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Why, What and How
4. OSI Layers
5. OSI Protocols/Devices
6. TCP/UDP Ports
7. IEEE 802.X Standards

Tags: ieee 802.x and tcp/ip and their relation to osi rm

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