Pambu Panchnagam



Pambu Panchnagam is the name given by the users to a Tamil almanac published by Manonmani Vilasam Press in Chennai.
The publisher's title for the almanac for the Tamil year 2013-2014 is Asal No. 28, Nandana Varsha Sudhha Vakya Panchangam.
The almanac is popularly referred to as the Pambu Panchangam because the cover page of the almanac carries a prominent image of a snake
("Pambu" in Tamil means a "snake".)
This snake is referred to as the Rahu Phani Chakram in the Panchangam.
The image of the snake contains 27 small circles embedded with it.
These circles represent the 27 nakshatras of Indian astrology.

Pambu Panchangam is the most popular Tamil almanac among Tamil speaking people all over the world

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