Patna High Court Judgments



Patna High Court Judgments from Year 1991. (Last 22 years Judgments with free updates in future)

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It will show following information
1) Date of Judgment
2) Petitioner
3) Respondent
4) Citation
5) Complete Judgment Detail
6) Bench

This application helps to search and view Patna High Court Judgement details from year 1991, update process is currently going on for latest judgements, please bear with us if you do not get any latest judgement at any time. we update our servers periodically and we hereby take all the rights to update the database as per our regular database update difference period.

Please find the attached screenshot for more details on how to browse the app.

Also, kindly don't hesitate to email on my mentioned email id for any kind of help.

As Database is very heavy, It was not able to make the offline application without using internet and server to send and receive the data. however if there is a delay or no response, application will show the alert accordingly.

Please bear with us in case you find any issue and report to us on the given support email ID, screenshot will help to understand the issue properly.

1) User can search for for any one year (Optional), he can see the judgments for all year in once glance also
3) User can search for any one month also (Optional)
4) User can search in recent or older order
5) User can reset the search
6) User can search by the section also for ex. 498A, 302, 420 , 320 etc.

Thanks for understanding and happy Browsing !!!!!

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