Peter Pan



James Matthew Barrie - Scottish playwright and novelist. Everyone knows of a boy, who did not want to become an adult – his name is Peter Pan. Indeed, in the heart of everyone there is a child, who would not want to grow up. This was a particular issue for James Barry, who in his romantic works wrote about a lost boy, who did not want to be found and raised by his parents. And as Barry began writing for children ... His works for children reflected the main features of his creative work in a more profound way: the reality is often mixed with fiction, and humor and comic situations bring about the feeling of gentle sorrow. Peter Pan is a story full of adventure, funny, and sometimes even dangerous characters: Wendy Darling, her brothers John and Michael, the dog/nanny Nana, the whimsical fairy Tinker Bell, as well as the Lost Boys, the fierce pirate Captain Hook, who wears a terrifying iron hook in place of his hand, the Red Indians, pirates and a variety of beasts. Peter and the fairy persuade Wendy and her brothers to escape to Never Land where the friends dwell in an underground house, bathe in the lagoon, go on scary adventures and return home after Peter’s victory over pirates. Unfortunately, all the adventures, as well as the childhood itself, have to come to an end someday...

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