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    Adele is a Pisces aura painter and runs a lingerie store in the mystical town of Hermana. She has recently turned forty and has been single for quite some time. When new student, Devin, shows up for her art course, they have an instant connection. Adele is smitten by his obvious talent, and his scruffy good looks don't hurt either. When Devin invites her over to look at some of his paintings, Adele doesn't hesitate.

    Devin's art focuses on a mystical place called Harmoni and together, Devin and Adele manage to get there through their magical lusty connection.

    Meanwhile, in Hermana, dead bodies are showing up on the beach. It could be the work of a vampire or werewolf or even a human...

    As Adele and Devin wonder about the murders and work on their paintings, they become more entangled in Harmoni and with each other...with surprisingly sexy results!

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