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The reliable PONS dictionary German - English BASIC functions entirely offline and contains 120,000 keywords, phrases and translations – ideal for everyday activities, holidays and leisure time!

Do you need a reliable offline dictionary for your smartphone or tablet that you can use to translate unfamiliar words even abroad or on trains?
And do you want quick and clear answers while doing so?

In that case, this offline dictionary is the perfect translator for you.

• Bi-directional: German > English and English > German
• With more than 50,000 key words and phrases and more than 70,000 translations
• With lots of example sentences and information about grammar and language usage
• Provides 100% offline functionality
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What can the app do?
• This application provides 100% offline functionality. You do not incur any roaming charges.
• Use HANDWRITING to look up words: write the search term comfortably in the search box with your finger or with a digital stick. Your search term is adopted directly as a suggestion in the search box.
• Look up words with SPEECH RECOGNITION: just say your search enquiry out loud into the device and the word being sought will appear right away as a suggestion in the search box (only for smartphones with Google Voice Search).
• Words that you copy into another application, for example the Internet (sharing, sending via, etc.), are adopted directly in the app’s search box and the suitable dictionary entry is shown.
• If you are not sure how to spell a word, the app may still find the word – by looking for similar words or applying a wild-card search. You can also conduct an anagram search for words that contain the same letters but in a different order.
• Use the full-text search to find examples.
• Searching within entries is possible and enables long entries to be searched quickly.
• Pronunciation: Listen to numerous keywords spoken by native speakers.
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PONS also offers more dictionary apps that function offline:

Ideal for everyday, leisure and business use (medium-sized vocabulary)
285,000–295,000 keywords, phrases & translations
German - Bulgarian, German - Polish, German - Russian, English - Polish, English - Russian, German - Turkish and other languages

Contains the current vocabulary of all school textbooks, plus vocabulary needed for Sixth Form
260,000–290,000 keywords, phrases & translations
German - English, German - French, German - Spanish

Ideal for everyday, university and business use (large vocabulary)
338,000–775,000 keywords, phrases & translations
German - English, German - French, German - Italian, German - Latin, German - Dutch, German - Spanish

Ideal for business (large vocabulary with emphasis on business vocabulary)
571,000–800,000 keywords, phrases & translations
German - English, German - French, German - Spanish

Ideal for professional users (most comprehensive vocabulary)
685,000–930,000 keywords, phrases & translations
German - English, German - French, German - Italian, German - Spanish, German - Greek
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Frequently asked questions (unfortunately only in German)

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About PONS:
PONS has been developing green materials for learning languages for life for over 30 years: from classic dictionaries and grammar aids to audio and software language courses right up to free online services.

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