Psychology Survival in Russia

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    Igor Vagin - Academician of the International Academy of Information at the United Nations, an expert on the psychology of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, a business coach, psychotherapist, MD, Ph.D., author of 50 books on psychology and business psychology. What is the "phenomenon of success"? What is the strategy for success? Who or what is his killer? Do I have to bow to a changing world? What to do when finished aces and sixes were alone ...? How to choose your path to success? The author, in his inimitable manner consistent algorithm examines the success and offers an answer to the question: "How to survive in today's Russia?" Contents: The phenomenon of success, Killer called "fear," Do not cave in to a changing world, when will the aces and sixes were alone. .. Text of the work reads: Maksimov Vladimir Vagin

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