Quick Computer Scrapbooking



*** Creating Memories for the 21st Century the Digital Way ***

Dear Reader,

Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last several years, you are aware of the latest trend of creating scrapbooks.

The scrapbooks are designed to preserve memories. It may be a record of family history, a special event like a wedding or birthday or any other event important to the recipient.

Okay, so you "get it." Scrapbooks are popular. Very popular. So how does that compute digitally? Our author isn't saying that you should stop creating scrapbooks using traditional methods.

What she IS saying is learn how to use your computer to enhance your traditional scrapbooking efforts. Scrapbooking can get a little pricey when you start adding up all the costs involved.

However, using your computer you can substantially reduce the amount you spend by learning how to produce components quickly and often more inexpensively.

Ellen isn't telling you to halt your traditional scrapbooking. Just the opposite. She is giving you a wonderful tool to use your computer to organize your raw materials, enhance your projects, and save time and money.

Wow! Just take a look at what she has packed into "Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking."

Learn how to scan pictures
Discover where to find the best printers, supplies and paper
Find free computer programs
Choose your image editing program
How to edit pages and pictures
Reveals how to write interesting journal entries
How to choose and use different fonts
Selecting topics for your scrapbooks
Using scrapbooking forums for assistance
Resources and more scrapbooking tips

If you are already a "scrapper" this is a terrific tool to add to your scrapbooking arsenal. If you've been looking for a hobby you've found it. It's fun and rewarding. How can you not enjoy the pleasure your effort will bring to a loved one?