Quilting Guide



Quilting is a craft that has been around for centuries. It has enjoyed an incredible upsurge in popularity over the last couple of decades.

"Quilting Guide" includes the following guides:

A Notion About Notions
Add Life to your Quilting with Embroidery
All About Appliqué
All About Hoffman Fabrics
All About Quilting
All About Thread For Quilting
Best Books for Quilting
Choosing And Preparing Fabric
Choosing Fabrics for Quilting
Choosing Quilt Fabric

Discovering RJR Fabrics
Essential Supplies for Quilting
How to Choose the Right Batting
How to Use Stencils for Quilting
How to Use Templates in Quilting
Making Sense OF Quilt Patterns
Patchwork Techniques
Quilting 101
Quilting is a Hot D.I.Y. Craft!

Sewing Tips For Beginning Quilters
So You Want To Make A Quilt
The Best Quilting Pattern ForYour Needs
What Are Quilts?
Where to Find Free Quilt Patterns