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More than 18000 quotations of famous people, developed in English and Spanish. The application allows search for quotations, browse quotations by category or author and maintain a list of favorite quotes.

- More than 12000 english quotes and more than 6000 spanish quotes and 200 authors
- Can switch between quote databases
- Categorized multiple search (art, defects, feelings, nature...) and related text
- Browse quotes by author
- Favorites list
- View quotes history
- Share quotes with everybody
- Support gestures to show next and previous quote

- Supported sites for sharing:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- WhatsApp
- All EMails/SMS
- Bluetooth

Authors list:
Aaron R Warren
Aaron Siskind
Abraham Lincoln
Adrienne E Gusoff
Al Capone
Albert Camus
Albert Einstein
Albert Schweitzer
Aldous Huxley
Ambrose Bierce
Amos Bronson Alcott
Anais Nin
Andre Gide
Angela Money
Anita Roddick
Ann Landers
Anthony Robbins
Apache Blessing
Arthur Ashe
Arthur Schopenhauer
Artisan Sundials
Bart Simpson
Basil Fawlty
Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Franklin
Berthold Auerbach
Bertrand Russell
Beryl Pfizer
Bethania McKenstry
Bill Gates (1981)
Blores Razor
Bob Hope
Bob Stoll
Brian Tracy
C S Lewis
Carl Sagan
Charles Caleb Colton
Charles H Spurgeon
Charles Kuralt
Charles W Colson
Christopher Columbus
Clive Barnes
Dale Carnegie
Dalton Camp
Dave Barry
David M Ogilvy
Dennis Miller
Dorothy Parker
Douglas Everett
Dr Seuss
Dwight D Eisenhower
Eden Phillpotts
Edgar Allan Poe
Edmund Butler
Edward Abbey
Edward Teller
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ellen DeGeneres
Emily Dickinson
Emo Philips
Ethel Memford
Flannery O-Connor
Frank Lloyd Wright
Fred Allen
Fred Thompson
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
George Berkeley
George Bernard Shaw
George Burns
George Elliot
Glaser and Way
Gloria Gaither
Guillaume Appollinaire
H Jackson Brown
H L Mencken
Hal Borland
Handbook for Boys 1927
Harry S Truman
Helen Hayes
Helen Keller
Henry David Thoreau
Henry Ford
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Immanuel Kant
Irish Blessing
Isaac Asimov
Italian Proverb
J Bartlett Brebner
J Harris Syndey
Jane Austen
Jane Caminos
Jay Leno
Jim Bishop
Jim Rohn
Joan Rivers
Johann Wolfgang von Geothe
John F Kennedy
John Lennon
John Powell
John Updike
John Wheeler
Johnny Carson
Jonathan Swift
Joy J Golliver
Joyce Kilmer
Karl Marx
Kathleen M Broadhead
Kobi Yamada
Laertius Diogenes
Lao Tzu
Lauren Bacall
Lawrence J Peter
Leo Rosten
Leonardo da Vinci
Linbardi Vince
Lord Baden-Powell
Lou Holtz
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Mahatma Gandhi
Malcolm S Forbes
Marie Curie
Mark Nepo
Mark Russell
Mark Twain
Maxwell J Tallman
Mickey Mantle
Mother Teresa
Napoleon Bonaparte
Nikola Tesla
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Oprah Winfrey
Oscar G Darlington
Oscar Wilde
P B Medawar
Paul Cezanne
Paul Valery
Pearl S Buck
Peter Ustinov
Pierre Gallois
Piers Nicholson
Rabindranath Tagore
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Richard Feynman
Richard Paul Evans
Roald Dahl
Robert A Heinlein
Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Baden-Powell
Robert Frost
Robert Kennedy
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Orben
Ronald Reagan
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Scott Adams
Sean Connery
Segals Law
Shakespeare, William
Sigmund Freud
Sign on Tennessee highway
Sophia Bedford-Pierce
Stanley Ferrard
Stephen Butler Leacock
Stephen Colbert
Student Fraternity K.O.H.V. Motto
Sydney Smith
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Carlyle
Thomas Edison
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Szasz
Truman Capote
Vannevar Bush
Victor Hugo
W C Fiels
W H Auden
Walt Whitman
Walter Hagan
Wayne Dyer
Will Durant
Will Rogers
William Feather
William Gibson
William Osler
Willy Wonka
Winston Churchill
Zig Ziglar
Zoya Khanl
Zsa Zsa Gabor

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